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Amazon $12.59
Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, by George Barna. Barna has an urgent message of life and death for the Church in America! ONLY 3% of 13 year olds have a Biblical worldview. ONLY 3%! And we send 90% of Christian children to public schools to be "witnesses!" In most cases, spiritual beliefs are IRREVOCABLY formed before13! Only 10% of people become Christian after age 13. What does this say for the future of America? This book has all the FACTS why CHILDREN should be our #1 priority! Here's the reason we're losing the culture war and what we can do about it. (hard cover. $15)
Amazon $16.99
Grand Canyon: A Different View, by Grand Canyon river guide Tom Vail. This magnificent hard cover book has breathtaking, glossy, photos of one of God's most incredible wonders- the Grand Canyon. Plus articles from leading creation scientists like Ken Ham, Dr Duane Gish, Henry Morris, John MacArthur
Buried Alive
Buried Alive!--The Startling Truth About Neanderthal Man
by Dr Jack Cuozzo - 300+ pages
This is one of the most fascinating books we’ve ever read on evolution. Dr Cuozzo went into the musty, dusty backrooms of the great Museums of Europe and X-rayed the actual bones used as proof for evolution. What he found was incredible. Dr Cuozzo’s discoveries put his life in peril (his partner was killed) because evolutionists believed his X-ray evidence would end evolution. His book has the photographic evidence in it.
The Case Against Darwin
The Case Against Darwin: Why the Evidence Should Be Examined
by James Perloff - 75 pages
The teaching of evolution is not just a theoretical discussion but impacts entire cultures. What are the social implications of teaching evolution exclusively? Former atheist, now Christian, James Perloff, author of Tornado in A Junkyard is now offering his abbreviated version The Case Against Darwin. In 75 powerful, fact-filled pages James will give you scientific understandable answers to counter evolutionists. This is one of our all time best choices for evolution/creation books.
More Than Meets The Eye
More Than Meets the Eye - Fascinating Glimpses of God's Power and Design.
by Dr Richard Swenson - 186 pages
With degrees in physics and medicine, describes the wonders of the human eye, ear and brain, then the wonders of time, space, and what's beyond the universe... and finally how God moves outside of time. Our entire universe could be just a tiny subatomic system within a molecule of God's throne. The God who created a billion galaxies from nothing, who created the magnificence that is the human brain, surrounds each of us.
Original Intent
Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution, and Religion
by David Barton - 500 pages
READ THESE OUTRAGEOUS Supreme Court decisions! The Supreme Court has rewritten the Constitution, instead of following it as they swore under oath to do. Read quotes by the Founders themselves to know how important Christianity was to public affairs, the role of the courts, state’s rights and how far the courts have taken us from what they founded. The power to legislate is the role of the legislature and Congress, not the courts! This classic is a useful tool to correct the misinformation perpetuated in schools and the media.

What Are They Teaching Our Children?
by Mel & Normal Gabler 185 pages
This book has actual quotes from textbooks used in public schools to show the liberal, anti-Christian bias, anti-American bias, and how schools are tearing down morality and inciting violence & despair. These textbook quotes will make you mad at how public schools have deceived trusting parents by indoctrinating their children into humanism/liberalism/socialism. Read what the textbooks say! This book was one of the reasons we started Issues in Education. "I don't care who writes the songs or makes the laws, the ones who write the textbooks make the culture."

Prison to Praise
Amazon $3.95!
Prison to Praise
by Merlin Carothers
Using Biblical principles Merlin Carothers says simply praising the Lord, no matter how bad our circumstances, can change our attitude and our situations. Prison to Praise is not about a prison but about a prison of circumstances and how to be set free! This life-changing book is a must for everyone! $5


Parents! Don't simply ask what kind of education you want for your children.
Ask what kind of people you want them to become!

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