Common Core

By Dr. Robert Dreyfus

Common Core is the latest of many so called reforms such as:  Head Start, School To Work, Goals 2,000, No Child Left Behind, Race To The Top, International Baccalaureate and Pre K.  In discussing educational issues, it is easy to get mired in the minutia and the acronyms which distract from the real issues.  What is important is that you understand that the purpose of Common Core and all of these other programs has been:

·        To give hope.

·        To distract the public.

·        To cover up the disaster of the public (government) school system.

·        To get more money. The system currently costs taxpayers over twice that which a much better education would cost in a private or Christian school.

·        To make people believe that government and the educational bureaucracy is hard at work to improve the system. 

·        To complete the takeover and control of the public school system by federal and state government.

·        To halt the growth of alternative education.

The most prestigious study ever done on the public school system was by The National Commission on Excellence in Education.  In 1983 they published their report, A Nation At Risk which stated, "If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war

After many years of studying education practices, I along with many others, have concluded that sending a child into the public school system is akin to legalized child abuse.  From the beginning the purpose of the system was to dumb down the populace, to destroy a child’s faith in God, and to indoctrinate them into a secular socialist world view.    The horrid government school system has accomplished all these goals, and is the root cause of ninety percent of the problems America is now facing.   

In spite of the fact that we would like to see schools improve, government school reform is a myth.  The reality is that the only thing that would improve educational results, and give children the opportunity to live a fulfilled life would be to close down the government school system.

The book, “Leaving School – Finding Education”   addresses this issue. One of the authors, Dr. Jon Wiles, has written a dozen books in the area of educational leadership, and worked as a consultant specializing in curriculum change in 40 states and 10 foreign nations. Coauthor, Dr. John Lundt for the past 15 years has served as Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Montana, and has consulted with educational agencies throughout the world.  Here are excerpts from their book: 

 “Schools are now in a dysfunctional state...The time has arrived for the United States to think seriously about bidding farewell to its schools... they are a relic from another age...public schools are responsible for increasing amounts of cultural decay and social dysfunction in our society... Schools have no hope of reforming themselves. There has been no lasting change in half a century. Schools cannot and will not change... Schools are resistant to changing; they have always been this way... Parents should be both frightened and outraged at this lack of relevance and this leadership incompetence... Schools are the largest impeding force in our nation... Schools are beginning to pull other institutional agencies downward...This is an institution, your authors believe, in its final days...An alternative must be found quickly. What we believe, after very full careers in schools as teachers, administrators, and curriculum leaders, is that defining any improvement in the school will be both a futile exercise and a self defeating proposition... The American school cannot be fixed...We believe the United States must seriously explore abandoning the school as the vessel of learning and move to redefine education in terms of other options. We believe that a failure to break away, soon, will result in a surprising rapid deterioration of the institution, and the even further decline in the general culture of the United States...America can shed its final monopoly...We currently have all of the technology needed to provide a quality education to all students in the comfort and safety of their own homes... the authors believe we are poised, unknowingly, on the brink of a major change in education in the United States. Our schools while imposing in scale, are precariously fragile in reality. Any coalition of parents, taxpayers, businessmen, and concerned educators has the power to influence the most significant change in American education. The question is, what are we waiting for? “

What would you call a system?

·        That deliberately dumbs down children. 

·        That indoctrinates children into accepting homosexuality.

·        That destroys children’s Christian faith.

·        That increases children’s sexual behavior. 

·        That sexually molests children.  The U.S. Department of Education stated that 4.5 million students were victims of sexual misconduct by teachers and school employees in the past decade.

·        That drugs children to make them easier to handle.

·        That leads to increased illegal drug use by children.

·        That places children in physical danger.

·        That teaches children there are no absolutes.

·        That promotes New Age philosophy.

·        That indoctrinates children with the philosophy of socialism.

·        That indoctrinates children with the religion of Secular Humanism.

I would call it evil.

Christians are holding the rope that supports the system. We need to let go of the rope by removing our children from the government schools. Why prop up an anti-Christian institution by our participation? Let it die a well deserved death.  The system has changed the culture and morality of Americans.  Studies by George Barna show that only 9% of the average congregation and only 51% of pastors operate from a biblical worldview.  If your pastor isn’t informing the congregation on this issue, why is he your pastor?

We should view Common Core in the same was as we would view attempting to make Nazi concentration camps or Soviet gulags better by changing their name to Renewal Centers, putting curtains in the gas chambers, painting the barracks pink and playing loud music to cover up the screams of those being tortured and killed. Common Core will change the appearance, not the essence of the system.

Adolph Hitler said, “When an opponent declares, I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already.... What are you? You will pass on.  Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp  In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”

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