"YOU LIE" Shout The Only Truth in Speech
by Rev. Austin Miles
In a rambling speech regarding the excellence of Obama's Health Scrare Plan (9/9/09), one congressman, Joe Wilson (R-SC) struggled to keep himself in order until Obama stated: "Illegal immigrants will not receive healthcare coverage." That was [the] one mis-statement too many that propelled the congressman to yell out for the world to hear, "You lie!"
The deftly installed president had been denying his own words and writing [that] is in his healthcare plan for America. He even had the audacity to deny that medical care would be rationed or even denied in certain situations and ridiculed those who questioned these  provisions.
Even though tension and nervous anticipation filled the air of the chambers, things started off fairly well with democrats applauding and jumping to their feet at virtually every line of the speech. The quiet rumblings accompanying some of Obama's statements began to amplify. The defining moment came early in the speech when he casually mentioned; " There are some some parts of the bill that we20still have to work out." (!)
Both sides of the aisle couldn't help but lau gh out loud at that one, a sustaining laugh that stopped the speech for several seconds leaving Obama with a bewildered "what happened?" expression on his face. Shortly after that is when the previously subdued derision arose to the point that Wilson fired the shout that was heard around the world; two words that defined it all: You lie!" And that provided the first truthful statement of the event.  Under pressure, Congressman Joe Wilson issued an official 'apology' to The One.
Apology? For what? The only possible apology would be to say, "I apologize for becoming so outraged at the president's continual mis-statements that I neglected to take in consideration the decorum policy of The House."   Unfortunately, the congressman who shouted what most viewers were thinking, whimped out instead of standing strong in his rightful challenge of the 'facts' given by Obama.
The man who occupies the Oval Office had denied that his health plan would be mandatory even though he made it clear that anyone who would not buy into his scheme would be fined $3800. He denied that his plan would cover abortion. So what about HR 3200-Section 4-B ?
And it cannot be denied that Obama's plan is to bring early death to seniors, retirees and even older veterans by20withholding life saving procedures. Journalist Pete Nicholas of the Los Angeles Times wrote this: “President Obama suggested at a Town Hall Event last Wednesday night that one way to shave medical costs is to stop expensive and ultimate futile procedures performed on people who are about to die and don’t stand to gain from the extra care.”
Even though his skillfully constructed language doesn’t say the words, it is senior citizens…old people who are targeted for elimination. After all, old people are not really productive to society as a whole. They are a drain on the system. Obama leaves out the words ‘senior citizen,’ but that is exactly who he refers to.  Seniors rightfully worry that Obama’s plan isn’t healthy for them. And about-to-be-born babies see it with horror since the government itself will order their painful execution to be paid for...by the taxpayers. Us.
Congresssman Wilson's statement defines the presidency. Why apologize? And hasn't anybody noticed that there were only Czars in Communist Russia? Suddenly, all of Obama's appointees to head various offices are called...Czars, a term coming right out of The Oval Office. This writer has not seen one media outlet question this. Communist terms becoming a part of our vocabulary shows unmistakably where we are headed. How has this been implemented without a peep from the media or even the public at large?
We have allowed our country to be kicked into the quicksand of Marxist Socialism. We have been too distracted with TV, movies, and other entertainments to even notice. This has all been in the planning since the first Socialist Organizational Conference took place in Indianapolis in 1900. It has all been planned well.
No, it is not for Congressman Joe Wilson to apologize. The only apology needed is from Barack Hussein Obama who used his charm to gain our trust and to work his way to the Oval Office with the full intention of putting another star in the Red Flag. He is the one who needs to apologize to the American people.  He has betrayed our country.  And what's worse, we have let him.
Note: You can see the actual provisions of the Health Care Plan (that Obama denies) by going to my story, "Get Rid of Old People' Healthkill Plan Dangerous for Seniors" at:: www.revaustinmiles.com
Rev. Austin Miles is a Pastor of Seniors in Northern California.
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