Teaching kids to embrace perversion

Posted: November 29, 2011
4:06 pm Eastern

By J. Phillips
© 2011 

"Corrupting the morals of children use to be against the law. Now it is being mandated in all California schools." So begins the Nov. 26 broadcast of "Issues in Education" entitled,"Lambs to the Slaughter." God-fearing Americans who live in the other 49 states can take no comfort in the fact that this "tidal wave of immorality is about to hit public schools in California" because, as this broadcast goes on to explain, this mental molestation of children "will affect the entire nation."

Those who care to give more than lip service to the welfare of children and the decline of this nation would do well to listen to this entire 30-minute broadcast. Christians and pastors who prefer to accept or tolerate the perversion of children while they wax eloquent about how things ought to be will want to make sure they avoid that broadcast and should cease reading this columns immediately. For the only way for hypocrites to comfortably exist in the world is to avoid having to face the truth.

Conservatives and Christians who take the time to listen to the program may be moved to take action that can help protect the children of America from the "mental molestation" the broadcast reveals will be openly perpetrated upon them beginning in January:

  1. "Textbooks and instructional materials MUST positively promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans as role models"; 

  2. "Children as young as 6 years old will be taught to ADMIRE homosexuality, same-sex marriages, transsexuality (that is, cross-dressing and sex change operations)"; 

  3. "Children will be taught to SUPPORT the political activism of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender political groups"; 

  4. "Teachers will be made to POSITIVELY portray all of these lifestyles because to be silent can bring the charge of promoting a discriminatory bias (those are both no-nos in the new law)"; 

  5. "School board members will be required to select textbooks and other materials that POSITIVELY portray all of these unnatural and unhealthy lifestyles"; 

  6. "Parents will NOT be notified, nor will they be able to exempt their children from this new core curriculum. (The only way you can exempt your children from the law and the whole wrath of other sexual indoctrination laws, brainwashing laws, is to exempt them from the entire government school system.)"

Conservatives and Christians who become aware of this plot to recruit children for sexual deviants may well agree with the assessment of this situation made by the host of this broadcast: "This is the demise of this country. This is the death knell for this country!" Moreover, those who think the damage from pro-perversion lawmakers (and their collaborators in the teachers unions who convince the young to drink the Kool-Aid on such matters) will be limited to one state are fools. As the program makes clear, there is necessarily going to be a nationwide effect from this action. It will, as intended, accelerate the separation of Americans from God and will carry on the practice of using government-funded education to make sure that the minds of ever-more Americans will be conformed to this world.

The broadcast not only sounds the warning, it also gives several action points for Christians who may be lead by God to "Rescue those being taken away to death" (Proverbs 24:11). Those action steps, especially the call for "Christian" churches to open their buildings and freely provide a true Christian education to the children of their community, are all notable goals and perhaps should even take precedent over food pantries for the poor, building habitats for humanity, or other forms of "community outreach."

Surely, the need for action to prevent children from being trained to befriend perverts, rather than to be wary of them, is an urgent one given the pace at which anti-God legislators are moving to consolidate their power and train up children to vote and behave like they do, i.e. with no regard for God's standard. So, after you listen to this broadcast, consider what God would have you to do to protect children from being trained up in the way they should not go.

"We the people" violate our own Constitution if we turn our posterity over to teachers who are being paid to corrupt their minds and pervert their ways, for we cannot possibly "preserve the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity" by doing so.

J. Phillips the author of "The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved," a free eBook that encourages Bible students to pay more attention to the evidence that has been preserved in the biblical record. This eBook is available for free online at