Warning! It will take courage for those committed to public schools to read this because many have made public (government) schools their ‘sacred cow.’  As you read this pray that God will open your eyes.  If you are a parent and use any of the following six reasons for placing your children in a government school, than this short article is a “must” read.

  1. We can’t afford to send our child to a Christian school.
  2. My children need to learn how to get along with all types of people.
  3. I want my children to be salt & light.
  4. I send my children to public schools because they have good sports programs.
  5. I don’t feel qualified to teach my children. 
  6. I made it through public school & turned out O.K. 


Parents who enroll their children in government schools are placing them in harm’s way  Secular education turns children away from God and tells them to look to man for his salvation.  Jesus challenged those committed to Him to walk in faith in all areas of life. Parents are either willfully sinning or sadly misled in allowing government to educate their children.  Ignorance is not bliss - it comes at a very high price. The average Christian parent doesn’t understand the damage a government school inflicts spiritually, morally and academically on their child.   Some children survive, but for every success story there are countless children who lose their faith.  Realize that although your child may have a Christian teacher in a government school, the teacher’s hands are largely tied. The environment, textbooks and peers exert a far greater influence on your child than does the Christian teacher, and church doesn’t make up for 35 hrs/week in a pagan school.


Understand, government schools aren’t a failure, They are doing exactly what they were designed to do.  What would you call a system:



I don’t know what you would call such a system, but I would call it EVIL


Thomas Jefferson said, “Anyone who thinks a nation can be ignorant and free thinks something that never was and never will be.”  We are not only dissipating our wealth supporting public schools, but more importantly, we are devastating our children spiritually, morally and academically if you send them to a government school.  Osama bin Laden is not America’s greatest enemy.  America’s greatest enemy is the government school.


There are many Godly Christian schools throughout America that offer a biblical worldview and superior academics in a safe environment.  If you decide to send your child to a Christian school rather than homeschool them, make sure that your children’s teachers are godly and that the curriculum is Christ-centered.  Frankly, most who have studied the alternatives to government schools favor homeschooling.  I encourage you to attend a homeschool fair or convention before deciding how to educate your child.


One very important goal of education is to instill a love of learning.  Education should be a lifelong endeavor.  Think of the people you know, and consider what they studied.  How often is the education they majored in the source of their current livelihood?  In most instances the majority of people enter completely different vocations from that which they pursued in school.  Education is not an end in itself – Christ is!  Our goal as parents is not only to produce educated children, but children who will gain favor with God first, and man second.  What good is success and money if you lose your soul? 


Tragically, the church has been largely silent on this issue due to fear of creating offense and use salt & light argument as an excuse, but we don’t send defenseless children into the mission field.  Should the church be fearful of creating offense perhaps they should not speak out on other issues such as: adultery, homosexuality, abortion, evangelism, pornography, drinking, drugs and cursing?  What hypocrisy See James 4:17.  Christians need to realize that a godless education is abhorrent to the will of God.  I challenge you to study and try to disprove the biblical command to raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Deut. 6:1-9, 11:16-23, II Cor 6:14-18,  Prov. 22:6, 1:8-9, 13:13,20, 9:10, 3:1-7, Ps. 1:1-6, 144:11-12, 111:10, Phil 4:8-9, Rom. 1:18, Isaiah 5:20, Matt. 28:19-20, 6:33, 5:13-16,  7:6, Eph. 5:6-7, Col. 2:6-8.


Dr. Bruce Shortt asks, “If you have placed your children, God’s gift to you, under the authority of pagans and the godless during their most vulnerable and impressionable years, do you truly expect to be told at the end of your race, “Well done, good and faithful servant?”


I encourage you to investigate this issue.  Several sites that will provide information are:                      Or call Freedom Center @  352-216-1703