Christian children need a Christian education.  Allowing our children to be educated in public⁄government secular schools is gross sin because they indoctrinate Christian children to embrace the pagan values of the world.  
Churches have a responsibility to help parents who wish to provide their child with a Christian education, but who believe they cannot afford the cost of a traditional Christian schools or feel incapable of home schooling their children.   In many cases the answer is for the church to establish a one room schoolhouse where children of different ages are taught.  The one room schoolhouse can rescue children from the spiritual, moral and academic wastelands of government schools, and any church no matter how small can and should establish one. Churches should also help parents financially who cannot afford the burden of the entire cost of providing their children with a Christian education.
Churches routinely support missionaries to travel to the far corners of the earth to spread the gospel.  What greater calling is there than to save the souls of the children in their congregation?
The Christian one room schoolhouse provides a spiritual, moral, and academically superior education.  The one room schoolhouse is affordable, doesn't unduly burden the church, and allows the integration of Scripture in their studies.  It draws parents students and church closer together through a common enterprise. 
The Christian one room schoolhouse's cost is nearly nothing to the sponsoring church.  It uses an existing Sunday school room within the church, and a home school curriculum.  Parents provide transportation and a nutritious sack lunch.  It uses coaches that can be drawn from members of the congregation who are either home schooling their children or who are called to help educate Christian children as their mission.  
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