Obama Goose-Stepping America to Slavery-Part 2

by Rev. Austin Miles  

Obama's biggest challenge is to silence Christians and see the churches closed. This is his biggest obstacle to marching America into Marxism control.  Where there is a prominent church presence, Marxism cannot succeed. Christians cannot be enslaved. The Communists know this and will stop at nothing to erase religion even though it has appointed Islam to be the one world religion. Years ago when intentions of a "One World Order" became known, it also became known that there would be a One World Religion.  

Why Islam when they too seek world domination? Simple. They work hand in hand. The Communists control the world while Islam, which is given protected status, will keep the world uncertain and in fear, making it easier for the citizens to be controlled by the Marxists. They both win in this unholy partnership.  

Obama refused to even make an appearance at the National Day of Prayer, has been seen in more and more presidential settings with no American Flag present, was photographed refusing to put his hand over his heart for The National Anthem and has ordered military chaplains to NOT use the name, Jesus, in their prayers or sermons. At the Houston National Cemetery, Obama has even restricted the use of the word, "God."  

The latest case is at Houston National Cemetery where, under orders from Obama, cemetery officials are preventing Christians prayers at the funerals of military veterans. Obama, who is both Muslim and Marxist (perfect casting by his Communist handlers), told the nation that his administration absolutely is NOT interfering with prayers said over the grades of veterans. Thus saith He.   In an article written by Todd Starnes, VA Press Secretery Josh Taylor who answers to Obama said that this is "blatantly false." The yarn went on to state that "VA's policy protects Veterans' families' rights to pray however they choose at our national cemeteries." And the presstitutes print anything and everything Obama wants printed to keep the public at bay, including this lie.  

A lie that was proved by Representative John Culberson (R-TX) who went undercover to services at that National Cemetery. He saw first hand that volunteer members of the honor guard from the Veterans of Foreign Wars were prohibited from using any references to God.  

Rep, Culberson said, "Right in front of me, the VA directly and deliberately attempted to prevent the VFW from doing their magnificent, spiritual ritual over the grave of a fallen hero."  

Rep. Cublerson also said, "The Obama administration had told the nation and me they were not interfering with the prayer said over the graves of veterans. And I went undercover to personally verify that claim." And the congressman found and verified the truth, which was totally opposite to what Obama claimed nationally.  

The Texas lawmaker is calling for a Congressional investigation of the Houston National Cemetery. The cemetery is also the focus of a lawsuit filed on behalf of the VFW, an American Legion post and Houston's National Memorial Ladies, all of whom claimed that they were prohibited from using the words, "God," or "Jesus" at burial services. Rep. Culberson, according to writer Todd Starnes, said he hopes to hold hearings on the cemetery in the fall.  

"It makes my skin crawl that liberals are attempting to drive prayer out of a funeral ceremony for our heroes," he said. "They will bury 10 to 20 American heroes today and the Obama adminstration is preventing prayers from being said over their gravesites--today!"  

Obama, the spokesman for Communist Party USA (CPUSA) would like to have prayers abolished in the churches as well.   Watch for Part 3 tomorrow.  

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