White Man Ended Slavery—A Black Man is Trying to Bring it Back-and More

by Rev. Austin Miles  

But first-This MilesTones Alert! This interesting headline appeared this past Thursday,( 8/11/11) in The Los Angeles Times: “Flame Retardant Showing up in Pregnant Women.”  The story tells that a medical discovery shows that pregnant California women have registered some of the highest levels of the toxic flame retardant, PBDE, in their bodies ever recorded world wide. Yep, leave it to California to go off the charts. In any case, it appears that it would be a waste of time to try to set a pregnant woman on fire. Now on with the commentary:  

Slavery did NOT begin in The United States as Red Organizations would have us belive. That abomination has existed throughout history and was not limited to blacks. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was not only a common practice but was accepted as a usual part of life. All slaves were mostly white. It was just as America was being founded that BLACK Muslims in African countries were capturing other blacks, subduing them and bringing them here on ships to sell. So it was NOT whites that started this, it was BLACKS.  

HOWEVER, it was WHITES in America that eventually stopped the evils of slavery with the Civil War, and for the first time in the history of the world, slavery was made illegal. Don’t forget this in the history lessons.  

Slavery comes in many forms through many governments. Communism is absolute slavery.  The Iron Curtain was full proof of that, where a concrete wall was build around an entire city or country where people became forced labor, constantly under surveillance, where spotlights glared all night, and every move one made was dictated by authorities. This was so strict that if anyone waved from an upstairs window to someone in a home on the other side of the wall, they would be arrested for being friendly with “the enemies of the people.”  

Communism, that Obama is bringing to America, is based on lies, strong-arm tactics, atheism, and suffering. It was a lie that kept people at bay when the construction of The Berlin Wall—The Iron Curtain, was being prepared. When questioned, authorities would say that the wall would be, “An anti-facist protection measure.” Notice how language is used to deceive people and is still being used by Obama today. There will be more on this verbal ju-jit-su in an upcoming commentary with an actual news-story for demonstration.  

The Wall went up in secret. The first wall was a security fence that suddenly came up overnight on August 13, 1961. The citizens awoke to find it. Armed guards were everywhere. With citizens heavily guarded, the wall became higher and solid as concrete was poured. It was completed in 1965.  The country of Germany was divided with the Iron Curtain sealing Communist Germany (the Eastern section) into a big prison with the full intent to oppress its own citizens.  

The Communist-German military, fully armed, kept citizens in place as the full construction of the wall took place. It is sad to report that United States Troops were brought in to help the Communist soldiers do this. It was explained as ‘helping keep order.” An example of verbal ju-jit-su.  

The Iron Curtain did not just simply fall apart as history would have us believe. That was planned. This writer was behind the iron curtain in 1988 where authorities stated that The Wall would come down in the autumn of 1989. Why? This would give the world a false security that Communism was now dead forever—It had been defeated. It was no longer a threat. And we would let down our guard.  And did we ever!  

THEN the comrades would spend the next several years regouping, re-organizing and slip in for the takeover without firing a shot, which was their exact words. I learned how they schemed to plant their people in communities, then in later years would come out as the leaders of that particular city, town, territory or even a neighborhood block. And their orders would be followed. Yes, that neighbor you knew and trusted.  

It was CPUSA (Communist Party USA) that PUT Obama into the Oval Office. Acorn was a big help in providing thousands of votes of dead people. They are at this moment under charges of Voter Fraud. However, the voting did not matter. It was a done deal. Communists had quietly and deftly moved into political offices and key positions in Washington, D.C.  

Obama made arrangements to hold his Election Night Victory Party at Grants Park in Chicago. These arrangements with a deposit of one million dollars secured that site for the Election Night Victory Party MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION even took place!  Obama’s “election” had been planned by the Communists years in advance. He has been fully instructed as to his duty to his comrades which he is implementing well.  

On this date, August 15, 1961, as workers began re-constructing the Berlin Wall out of concrete, East German soldier Conrad Schumann leapt to freedom over a tangle of barbed wire in a scene captured in a famous photograph.  

When the Iron Curtain came down, as orchestrated, East Germany was left without morals. They felt no need to get married, even if they lived together and had children. They have been taught that marriage is of little relevence. They were left with no values. There was no church influence in their lives.  

The real irony of this story is that it was a WHITE man, Abraham Lincoln and white soliders in The Civil War who abolished slavery for the first time in history, and a black man, Obama, who was PLACED in The Oval Office who is trying his best to bring back slavery by putting us under Communist Marxist Rule. That is his goal.   See Part 2 of this story tomorrow. ***

Rev. Austin Miles is doing research for a book, The History of Communism in Amerika. His expereinces behind the Iron Curtain has given him determination to not let this happen in America.  

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