Muslim Complaint Ends Pledge in Idaho School
by Rev..Austin Miles-Traveling Cross-Country
(Boise Idaho 12/27/10)  When one thinks of the State of Idaho, visions of tradition, patriotism, apple pie and picket fences refreshingly comes to mind. Oops--also potatoes. However those days seem to have screeched to an abrupt stop, ending the last vestige of the America we once knew and loved. As kids return to school after Christmas break, one school will have a zero-tolerance Pledge policy.
A lone female Muslim who is a student at Vallivue Academy in Caldwell, Idaho, complained [that] saying the Pledge of Allegience before classes was offensive to her Islamic faith and demanded that the recitation of it be stopped. The school--an American school--in America, readily complied and the national pledge was axed due to the demand of one Muslim girl.
At that same school, we were told, a young man, who our source would not identify for his protection, was temporarily expelled and sent home because he made a comment critical of the government and Obama during a social studies class discussion. If this is true then something must be done.
So here is a public school class discussion where only one point of view is allowed, and if any student has another viewpoint or dares to speak against Marxism, Communism, Islam and Obama, he is kicked out of the school! ..And it has been strongly implied that if he does not repent and says anything else critical of our government and Obama, he will not be allowed to graduate.
This is textbook Communism 101. This writer taught at a Russian college in San Francisco with a campus in Sacramento, teaching English as a Second Language along with life skills and preparation for employment in America. These Russians had come to America, both rich and poor,  seeking a better life, and, freedom.
The San Francisco college students had all been successful in Russia with most of them holding Ph.Ds. They were also atheists even though during the course of my time there, many gave their hearts to Christ.
In Sacramento the Russian students had no university degrees and all had worked in menial jobs such as street cleaning, garbage disposal work, cleaning public toilets in parks...the lowliest jobs. They were all brilliant, but they were Christians, and refused to denounce God. As such, they were 'enemies of the state', were not allowed to go to University, could not chose what kind of work they wanted to do. The State TOLD them what work they were GOING to do. In their case it was the worst of jobs and the most dangerous jobs. If they were ordered to serve the Soviet Army, they were immediately sent to the front lines...again, because they would not denounce God or their faith.Surely you can see how the U.S. now is following that same path.
The Russian Ph.D students openly had denounced God, which Communism demands, and were able to go to University to study and choose the best careers. The Russian Christians who refused to denounce God, could not.This is what Socialism provides.
So the Communists, that have quietly over-thrown our American Government with a silent coup, by placing Obama in the White House, is at work implementing Marxist-Stalinist-Communistic doctrine in America,  A current glaring example is the situation in Idaho where, according to reports, the Pledge of Allegience was immediately taken out of a public school to please a Muslim and a student is expelled for the most serious offense of all, criticizing the illegal occupier of The Oval Office. Communism forbids any questioning of government..Criticizing the government or its leaders can result in severe punishment or even death.
If some of these writings seem repeticious, it is intended so that hopefully this will sink in once and for all. This past election is only a starting point, not a stopping point. . The work has just begun. It is critical that we do not let up.
Christian legal firms please look into this situation in Idaho. Each Marxist offensive against America must be confronted and stopped immediately.
Internet writers, keep this issue alive. The Democrat-liberal controlled media will never publish or broadcast this kind of truth. They have sold out to furthering the destruction of America which is inching forward bit by bit..This all is part of the goal of a One World Government, which is Communism with a One-World-Religion--Islam, This is a useful religion that will keep the world in fear and make the totalitarianism-socialist government's job easier.  And right now we are indeed making it extremely easy for them all to accomplish their goals.
As for Islam, click on this link to hear Obama in his own words describe Islam. It is strongly suggested that you be sitting down as you watch this:

Reader's Assignment: You CAN do something about all of this. Contact every Conservative in Congress and the Senate and give notice to Democrats to act NOW on these issues if they wish to stay in office. And make a habit of contacting all of them at least once a week. Either this, or we will all eventually be looking through a barbed wire fence.
Rev. Austin Miles is determined to see our country return to its original intentions as envisioned by The Founding Fathers. He is currently doing research for a book, The History of Communism in Amerika. Visit his website at: