MilesTones-A MilesEye View of The News
by Rev. Austin Miles
Come in to hear the Dumbest Statement Concerning, Don't ask, Don't Tell!: Jailing of Faithful Army Officer Over Obama's Non- Birth Certificate;  Suicide-The Holidays and Bernard Madoff; The Real Reason for the Push of "Global Warming,"  and the last of the political dynasty clan, Patrick Kennedy, is leaving  office which will leave us without a Kennedy in public office for the first time in 50 years!
The Lame-Brain Duck Congress, determined to deal a final blow to America before leaving D.C. managed to push through the Don't Ask-Don't Tell repeal, meaning that "gays" can now flit about the barracks and showers displaying their homosexual desires to all service personnel. The most stupid remark regarding  the passage came from a man I have met, talked with and personally liked, Senator Joe Lieberman, who backed the "coming out" bill and said this:   "People will look back 25 or 30 years from now and say, I cannot believe that there was a time when Americans were not allowed to serve in the military because of something very private, like their sexual orientation."
How's that again? Senator Lieberman, if this was something very private then there would be no problem and they would not demand to flaunt their peculiarities. This very bill shows that they do not WANT their sexual orientation to be private. They want to openly cruise the barracks and showers. This hurts since I had such respect for Joe Lieberman who at one time had the goal to become a rabbi, and after talking with him,  felt that he would have been an excellent rabbi.  I no longer think that.
The holidays are always challenging to this chaplain since this is a time of year that clearly marks and divides each period of our lives and a time when some loved ones who were here the year before are no longer here now. This hits hard to so many who have a heavy heart in the midst of the gaiety of the holiday celebrations while others during that time reflect on the raw deal they feel life has dealt them and the desired success and love that has eluded them.  This time of year is a chaplain's busiest time.
This holiday season began right before Thanksgiving with a suicide of a 20 year old young woman. I wish I had been called before it happened since God has graced this ministry with a 100% success rate with suicide prevention.  I spent hours with the family and did the funeral for her. The funeral home was so packed, that there wasn't even standing room left, even though there was not a word in the papers about it. This is how much that young woman was loved by everyone who knew her, yet, she suddenly felt life was no longer worth living. Tragic!
Bernie Madoff, the most heartless, ruthless criminal in history who's consciousless Ponzi Scheme wiped out the life savings of numerous people and organizations, including one helping holocaust victims and other Jewish  organizations, of over $20 billion dollars. His own people!  One man, who mistakingly felt that without his fortune, life was meaningless, committed suicide after losing his life savings to Madoff.  News broke this week that a widow of a man who had actually profited by Madoff felt that she should return all that money to victims...a sum of $7.2 billion that her husband reaped through the giant Ponzi scheme.
The son of the man who committed suicide, Willard Foxton, a British journalist, who was stunned at this widow's gesture said, "I don't think he would have killed himself if he thought a few years down the line that he was going to be getting a good amount of his money back," he said.  For one thinking of committing suicide, I would remind them that a phone call could come in right after you pull the trigger that could could turn it all around. Unfortunately, that man didn't wait for the phone call. Nor did Madoff's son who could no longer live in the shadow of his disgraced father and hanged himself in his apartment over the holidays.  Meanwhile, another individual returned $625 million to victims.
One day I received a call from a young man who had met me once, and felt I was the one he wanted to call to tell me that he was on his way to the Golden Gate Bridge to throw himself off the top of it and to his death. I asked what had brought him to this decision. "Money," he said, "I'm in debt and there's no way I can make's over...I can't take any more."
"If money is your problem," I said to him, you really don't have a problem.  Money is just an object, something you buy and sell with. You can make money and you can lose money. One can always make money and even find an honorable way to get rich. Why would one give his life that you can always accumulate back.?" After we talked a few more minutes, he said, "Hold on for a minute." I did. He then came back on and said, "I just made a u-turn. I'm going back home."  Thank God, I whispered to myself.
As for Ponzi Schemes, the ultimate one is by those who recruit young men into Islam, invest time in them and then persuade them to blow themselves up to killl others, while the ones who instigated it are in a safe place, nowhere near the murderous explosion. This is the ultimate Ponzi Scheme where one is persuaded to invest his very life to, in the eyes of the recruiters,  further Islam, and promised a reward of heaven with 72 virgins to meet their every need. This is what their investment will bring, they are told.  And like Bernie Madoff, the promise of reward is totally false.  And it is obvious by all the reports that most of the suicide bombers are 'home grown,' and are described after the bombing or attempt at bombing, as 'a new recruit  to Islam.'
An organization in St. Louis called, The Vedanta Society houses the writings of eight religions from around the globe, which they feel is the path to prevent religious conflict.  A plaque reads, "Truth is one. Sages call it by various names."  If truth is one, how can it be called by various names?  Swami Satprakashananda founded the organization with this mission statement: "To establish religious harmony by cultivating the comprehensive vision that all religions are so many paths leading to the realization of God." The "all paths lead to God" mantra is prominent in the New Age religion that is gaining in popularity, since it offers a path to heaven without effort, without morals and without any responsibilites of ethical behavior.  All religious paths do NOT lead to God.
Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin, an upstanding and honorable service man with an impeccable record was sentenced to 6 months in prison, dishonorable discharge from the army, loss of his pension, in other words, he lost everything he has earned simply because he questioned Obama's eligibility to give him orders as "Commander in Chief" since he has not shown that he is actually an American Citizen or born in America as the Constitution requires for any who would be President.
Obama could have simply shown his birth certificate to the media (if he had one) and it would all be resolved and everyone could get back to work. Remember, Obama has spent almost two million dollars blocking anyone from seeing any of his records. And in true Marxist fashion, Obama had him jailed for not blindly following his illegal leadership. Under Communism it is forbidden to question your leaders. I witnessed this first hand behind the Iron Curtain.
 ATT: New Congress, we expect you to act immediately to right this wrong, and to even shut down the government until the birth certificate issue is settled.
What is really behind the push for "Global Warming?" It is the issue that the U.N. believes will open the way for them to impose a global tax on every human being on earth to stop what they call an 'international emergency.' Al Gore received big bucks for fronting this scam and according to records, enriched himself by $100 million so far. There is effort to have the Academy Awards Committee pull that outragesous trophy they gave to Gore for  his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, and even gave an Academy Award for the music. (!) Talk about payoffs. And wait until it is revealed how much Gore will be paid if this nutty tax generating program is put in place as they plan and hope to do.
As for me, I'm going out for another walk.
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