MilesTones and TombStones-- Perplexing Porn Puzzle--Airport Strip Searches--Obama's Plan for 2012!--More...
by Rev. Austin Miles  

So what do good church people do with a winning lottery ticket purchased at a [Detroit] Porn Shop worth $129.million? What anyone with a sense of propriety would do since a Christian can't even give the appearance of evil--have someone else pick up the winnings for you.  Now hold on there....thou shalt not judge--you know that!  Besides, according to news reports, they plan to donate some of the winnings to the church.. the High Court just announced it is considering banning Christian Foster Parents but same-sex "gay" couples are still OK so breath easier...more Blame Duck sessions in The Capitol about to begin...and  recent headlines declare: "Catholic Church Needs Exorcists," a ritual that should be in great demand in...ahh never mind!  

The Dotted Lines:  San Francisco just made it illegal to give out toys with Happy Meals,  well at least you can buy marijuana openly on street corners there so the Left Coast isn't all that bad....because of budget woes, cops are being laid off and will tackle only major crimes...but not to worry, cops in Colorada said that they WILL protect that pedophile who wrote a guide-book on seducing children marketed by ...gotta make sure he's safe from angry parents y'know....passenger protests are taking place at airports over the strip searches and see through X-Ray machines that shows everything you've got.  Obama did say he was going to bring transparency to our country but this is ridiculous ...especially since CAIR has announced that Islam  does NOT allow such body searches so Muslims MUST be exempted from security measures. So that means all BUT Muslims will be searched before boarding a flight. Wait...didn't airport searches begin  precisely because of Muslims smuggling bombs and other explosives on planes to blow them up that resulted in these pre-flight searches? Just wondered.  

MilesTones to TombStones:  In his "Reach Out To Muslims" trip to Asia, The One stated, "Indoniesia,  an overwhelmingly Muslim nation, is a model  where other religions are respected freely and--"Whoa...hold it right's that again?  Our son was over there and cancelled plans for a trip to Indonesia from Singapore since the word was out that tour busses are stopped there, Muslims board with guns, demand to know who on board is Muslim, and those who are not, like Christians, are taken out and shot dead. BUT WAIT!, 'Other religions are respected freely there'....Mr. Obama said so so that makes it so.   The resident in The White House recently sent an envoy to Ireland to talk to the leadership there to persuade businessmen to live and work under Sharia Law that was never printed in America. This came from the Irish paper, Irish Central. The many responses to that outrage showed that Ireland doesn't want Obama doing to Ireland what He is doing to the U.S. The Irish have spoken.    Obama is manuevering to have the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed stalled until after the election in 2012. KSM is the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks and has, according to reports, admitted that he was the one who brutally beheaded journalist Daniel Pearl. Why the delay in the trial nntil AFTER the 2012 election? By that time the man occupying the Oval Office may have Sharia Law in place or he may be re-elected to a second term and no matter which way it goes, KSM will go free.   And are we now living in a Communist nation? As you know, under Marxist regimes, if you are heard criticizing government or anything or anyone connected to it, you will be taken away.  PG&E, the giant ONE utility firm in California just forced their "Smart Meter" program on citizens who do not want its intrusion and have formed groups to fight it. The PG&E Czar, William Deveraux deceived his way into the discussion group by using false identification to get into the group to take notes as to who objected to the Smart Meter plan. This is Communist Textbook 101 Procedure. Due to the publicity when he was exposed, Deveraux was forced to resign to appease the public. Next?   But let's not be too hard on Obama. Thanks to Him job creation and employment dramatically rose this month...for Republicans who got new jobs in the House and in poltical offices all over the U.S.   And in closing:

I can do without....babies talking with adult voices on TV commercials....anyone saying, "No problem," when I thank them for something,..the government banning the Ten Commandments or any displays of Christianity in the public schools but takes public school children on  'field trips'  to Mosques to join in Muslim prayers.... I can do without those who use the words."Y'know?" and Okay?" after every sentence... hot dog eating contests and....Nancy Pelosi.   It's time for me to go out and take another walk.  

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