Is He Or Isn't He? Shocking Revelation By His Own Words! by Rev. Austin Miles  

You are about to see final proof as to who He really is, and, in his own words that cannot be disputed. If this doesn’t spur America and the new Congress to action, then nothing will. But first…...   At this moment a case is being heard in Federal Court regarding the establishment of Sharia Law in the State of Oklahoma. Arguments from CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations), a “Muslim Civil Rights Group,” declares it is unconstitutional to NOT allow Sharia Law in Okahoma.

    This is a case that should never have even been considered for discussion, debate or hearing. This is AMERICA upholding the laws of America and her culture. We can thank the demoncrats for allowing such a case to even be brought before an American court. And as we all know, once Sharia Law is ensconced in Oklahoma it will spread through every state in our country. And this entire matter could not have advanced had it not been for higher-ups including The One whose words explain it all below.

  Meanwhile the nightmare of airport searching of passengers which includes nude-scanning, fondling, groping and legally defined sexual abuse in the name of “security” is downright stupid since this outrageous violation of passengers ONLY applies to white grandmothers, children and adults of all ages, not Muslims,  the ONLY group that has actually performed the acts of terror by blowing up airplanes or crashing them into buildings along with other bombing attacks includng schools and hospitals all over the world. They are led by their “Holy Koran” which instructs: ‘Slay the infidels (non-Muslims) wherever you find them.”

  Those of visibly Arabic origin are excused from these ‘security’ searches and pat-downs since this procedure is “offensive’ to Muslims and Islam. So U.S. Security, under America’s Commander-in-Chief, not wanting to offend Muslims, has given them the option of….now get this…patting themselves down, declare “nothing there,.” and waltzing right through to the plane.  This has become too idiotic for words.

  A letter-to-the editor in The Contra Costa Times this week came from a woman who just had flown through New York on her way to California. She related that an individual wearing a full body covering, head to toe,  with only slits for the eyes, came through and they waved this creature, who could absolutely NOT be determined to be a man or woman, right through security. This is insane!

So what about the occupant of The Oval Office? Isn’t he a Marxist? Yes. Doesn’t Communism make Christianity and most religions illegal? Yes but, the new One-World-Order has declared that there will be a one-world-religion. That chosen one-world-religion was decided long ago to be Islam since that religion keeps people fearful and under subjugation which will make it easier for the Communist Government that has been planned for America to control the people.

  What about the Dems pushing this agenda? Are they so dense that they do not realize that this horrific government and law they are trying to implement will also affect them and put them into slavery as well? They don’t think so. They have a huge surprise coming.
And do not worry that Obama will be re-elected. He will not be. He has already accomplished what he was supposed to accomplish. He has, in his short time in office,  plunged America down a cliff and on the road to Marxist control. He has remarkably dismantled our country to the extent that it will take decades to get her back on track which now will not be done without bloody sacrifice to unravel the harm Obama and the Democrats have caused.

  Before we see and hear Obama Himself give a shocking account as to who and what he actually is, remember that he was PUT IN the Oval Office. He was NOT voted in. It is documented that he secured and put a deposit of $1 million for Grants Park in Chicago where he would hold his ‘Election Victory Celebration’.....MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION even took place!  It was a done deal from the start..

  Yes, the occupier of The White House has accomplished what he was put in to do. We must insist that the new Congress immediately file treason charges against him and take him out of the office he illegally sits in so we can go back to being America before it is too late..   Here is the video that the so-called Main Stream Media refuses to acknowledge. Indeed, they will try to discredit it which is not possible. You can see that this video, which was put together by "The Cause-We The People", and forwarded to me by Rev. Edward Berkey (retired), has not been altered in any way. These are the undeniable exact words of Obama: It is strongly suggested that you be sitting down as you watch this. When small Obama photo comes up, click on that.

  While you ponder on this revelation of who Obama is and even more important, what you intend to do about it, I'm going out for another walk.   Visit writer's website at:

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