By Dr. Robert Dreyfus
Most people don't understand what the religion of Secular Humanism is, or what it is attempting to achieve.  Secular Humanism (S.H.) is a non-theistic religion whose beliefs and practices are in active opposition to Christianity and is the main cause for the changes impacting our homes, our children, our nation and our world.  In 1961 the Supreme Court handed down the Torcaso v. Watkins decision which recognized S.H. as a religion.
Secular Humanists believe that:
The right to determine the values and goals that affect their lives.
The right to commit abortion, suicide, and euthanasia.
The right to live as you please
Everyone has a right to express their sexual preferences.
They adhere to situation ethics morality, and not live by absolute standards of morality.
They do not recognize any immutable rights or wrongs as revealed in the Ten Commandments.
They do not believe in national sovereignty, but in world government.
Secular Humanism's tenants are:
Most people believe education is neutral. They do not realize that all education is religious in nature.  In public (government) schools every course in the curriculum promotes S.H. beliefs.  The primary method for promoting S.H. in the schools is called “values education” which has permeated the teaching of all subjects and which promotes a system of values in opposition to Christianity.  
The battle in today's cultural war is for the hearts and minds of our children. Schools have indoctrinated generations of children to believe in evolution, relativism, feminism, multiculturalism, socialism, mindless tolerance, sexual promiscuity and lowered academic standards.  The results are that students believe that God is irrelevant and that the religion of S. H. holds the best hope for mankind.  Homosexual organizations are indoctrinating children as young as 5 in many public schools into accepting homosexuality as a normal lifestyle, and 3,000 schools have homosexual clubs. 
In 1976, a humanist Paul Blanshard made the boast:  “..schools may not teach Johnny to read…but it leads toward the elimination of religious superstition.”  Why do those who claim to be Christians permit the indoctrination of their children with a S.H. worldview to go unchallenged when studies show that we're losing 85% of our children to the world? Every parent and every church should provide their children with a thoroughly Christian education either by placing them in a truly Christian school or homeschooling them.
  • For further information on this subject read The Humanist Manifestos I, II & III.  These explain the religion of Secular Humanism that is reshaping our society, and is the foundational religion of government schools. 
  •         http:⁄⁄⁄wiki⁄Humanist_Manifesto