I know you want your child to be successful, but tragically the public (government) school system (PGSS) is in opposition to what loving parents want for their children. The PGSS is devastating children academically, morally and spiritually. Academically, among industrialized nations the PGSS is nearly dead last, in spite of the fact that we spend more money on education than nearly any other nation. The PGSS is deliberately dumbing children down. If you doubt this, read the book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” (available free online) or google Selina Kansas 8th grade exam - a test 8th graders had to take in 1895 in order to enter the 9th grade. Today, most PhD’s couldn’t pass that exam! For further information on how pathetic the PGSS is read, “Crimes of the Educators” or watch John Stossel’s, “Stupid In America”. Another suggestion, go to You Tube and type public schools in the search bar. For additional information on PGSS:

Today, your children have unparalleled opportunities to obtain knowledge and skills. Information on any subject is available in seconds. Encourage them to take advantage of readily available free educational opportunities such as: Kahn Academy, YouTube and other web sites including the local library. However, the internet is a two edged sword. Be alert to the potential for abuse since it is easy to morally defile unsuspecting youth by making available sinful content.

If your child is in the PGSS, take them out and homeschool them, or enroll them in a good Christian or private school. For information on homeschooling and much more , go to For virtual schools see

Make certain they can read well. If they have problems reading get the book, “Alpha Phonics” by Sam Blumenfeld. Encourage them to read books that will expand their horizons, and not waste time reading trash, comics and hot rod magazines etc.

Encourage them to think seriously about what interests them. I don’t mean their Xbox, football team, girl or boy friend etc., but to seriously consider what they would like to accomplish with their life, what vocation/profession interests them, what their capabilities are, and what they are willing and able to do in order to achieve their goals.

Explain that in life there will be things they will regret, but not to do anything that will irredeemably affect their future such as: using addictive drugs, getting piercings and tattoos or taking stupid risks. In our town 4 boys in a BMW driving over 100 mph hit a tree, and were all killed. Encourage them to remain sexually pure. Many lives and futures have been destroyed by having illegitimate children, STD’s etc.

Every child needs to experience Real Life 101. Have them get a job as soon as they are old enough - preferably in a field that interests them, and save at least 10% of their earnings. Have them watch the 6 minute video: which will instill in them the realization of the necessity to obtain skills and experience. Here is a suggestion that will help them get a job. Suggest they say to an employer that they would like to work for him. That they are confident they can be an asset, and that to prove it, they are willing to work one week without pay. I doubt that any employer has had anyone come to him with this proposal. I believe this would make an impression, and result in their getting the job.

Encourage them to talk with you and others whose advice they value.





Have them watch, listen and read the following

Information on many subjects.

Information on American history and civics.

YouTube search – “How to get an education”, and presentations by John Stossel, Alex Newman, Dinesh D’Souza, Jordan B. Peterson, Bill Whittle and Stefen Molyneux.

Christian information -

Free tutoring -

Regarding college – Today, many young men and women take out loans for tens of thousands to attend college, and graduate with a degree of little practical value. As a result they end up working in low paying jobs completely unrelated to their degree. Unable to support themselves AND make the monthly payments on their loans many end up living with their parents. Unless they have a need for that piece of paper to practice medicine, law, engineering etc., consider receiving an education outside of college. If uncertain of the profession/vocation that interests them, suggest they take a gap year to explore various vocations. Read, “The Case Against Education” by Brian Caplan or “College, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” by Gary North

Dual Enrollment – While still in high school take college courses, and obtain credit hours. Also consider taking CLEP exams to receive college credit.

Take advantage of virtual or free college courses.

Attending a community college for two years will save significant money.

Share this information with your son/daughter, and if you have any questions or would like to receive the free articles, “The Most Important Issue Facing Parents, Children and Nation” and “Homeschooling 101” or other information email request to

In case you are wondering, I’m a retired doctor with a concern for young people, and the future of America. As Mark Twain said, “Don’t let school interfere with your education.”