Why Christianity Is Becoming Increasing Irrelevant
By Dr. Robert Dreyfus


The reason we've been losing the culture is that most of the battles in which Christians engage are defensive in nature and even those battles in which we succeed the end result is generally only the preservation of the status quo.  An example is the current battle to maintain the definition of the family.  It's not that this issue isn't important, but even if we win it only reinforces a premise that society has acknowledged for thousands of years.  It doesn't gain any ground. 
We need to conduct offensive battles to regain lost territory.   The primary offensive battle in which we can engage is the salvation of our children's souls and preparing them to become spiritual champions so that they can labor with Christ to reclaim the world.  This issue impacts almost every other issue that matters?  For instance it is nearly impossible to convince an uneducated citizenry with a secular worldview that abortion is wrong. 
The devastation of children spiritually, morally and academically by public schools must be eliminated.  Currently 90% of Christian parents give their children to the state to be educated and indoctrinated in the religion of Secular Humanism.  Consequently these children upon reaching maturity live out a secular socialist anti-Christian worldview in the way they vote, raise children and conduct their lives.  Helping children become spiritual Daniels who will contend for the culture will not only save their souls, but have the potential to eliminate many of the problems in our nation and the world.
I pray that Christians possess the wisdom and courage to start a dialogue on how this can best be accomplished.  If we fail to act swiftly, we will complete our cultural suicide and everything we cherish will be lost.
Join us in this fight.  Give a percentage of your time and finances to assist Exodus Mandate to insure that Christian children receive a Christian education and a biblical worldview.  Doing this will save millions of children's souls and perhaps even save America.  For more information:  (352) 216-1703  rd@wb4me.com