Savage Beating of Teen Coming To Amerika—Examiner Censors This Writer!
by Rev. Austin Miles

Breaking! It has already started. The government is cracking down on writers and reporters who are not writing what THEY want written. This morning, I received official notice that I had been removed as a writer for The Examiner, effective immediately.

All the stories I wrote were scrubbed at the same time. Joshua Futterman of The Examiner emailed that I had continually violated the ‘terms of agreement. ‘(?) Their problem seems to be that I wrote the truth about where our government is headed, and how Obama has paved the way for Commmunist take-over of the government.

The last straw for the Examiner was my current story; “Welcome to The Gayly News”, which told of how the newspapers are furthering the ‘gay’ cause by legitimizing the homosexual lifestyle in their continual stories and why they are doing it. You can see that story on this website or at:

Directly related to America is the horrifying news that broke this morning from Syria, about a skinny 15 year old boy who had been arrested for opposing Bashar Assad and refusing to proclaim the strongman his “beloved” president. Instead, he chanted for “freedom and the love of God and our country.”

It did not stop with the arrest. The boy was taken to an interrogation center where he was repeatedly beaten by 8 or 9 military men who sruck his head, back, feet and genitals while he cried out for his mother and father to help him. He was beaten for two days without let-up.

His hands were tied behind his back and he bore a bullet wound on the left side of his chest, as reported today by Associated Press. The 15 year old, bleeding from the nose, mouth and ears, fell unconscious. These savages then brought in a doctor who gave him an injection to jolt him back to consciousness. The beatings resumed until the lad’s final scream

Meanwhile in America a military officer was thrown into prison for questioning Obama’s qualifications to issue orders to him. Obama refused to provide the proof that he was born in America, which is required for one to run for public office (much less occupy one), and threw this officer in prison, while violating all of his constitutional rights to do so.
Americans are being arrested for carrying protest signs at Obama rallies. Ladies and Gentlemen…it is here! And the worst is still to come.

This writer was just kicked off of The Examiner for refusing to write propaganda instead of truth. However, this does NOT silence me.

America, for God’s sake, take action! Preachers, re-dedicate your pulpits to God’s Word and preach an uncompromised Gospel. Take a firm stand for God and Country. And stand up for the Constitution.

Propaganda writings tell us that the Constitution was for a particular time and not applicable today. RESIDUE OF A BULL! The Constitution was established as a permanent rule of order for the United States Government.

The Marxists are trying to say the same thing about the Bible. Again, that sacred book is a permanent guideline for human conduct as prescribed by God.

One last time: Pastors, please retake your chuches for God. If we do not take a strong stand for The Bible, God, The Constitution and our Country, then it will next be YOUR son or daughter who is arrested and beaten to death for not agreeing with politcal leaders, which has already been launched on a small scale by Obama jailing and arresting those who question or protest him. The intended end is in view.

DON’T LET IT HAPPEN. It is not too late…..yet.

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