Obama was elected by the ignorant and uneducated. His election has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster for the USA at home and abroad. During the campaign Obama was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Now his wooly coat is off and everyone can see him for what he is.

Obama in taking his oath of office swore to protect us from enemies, foreign and domestic. This is impossible, due to the fact that he is a domestic enemy himself. He is a Manchurian candidate, groomed from childhood to be a dedicated Marxist.

Obama's tenure as president has destroyed thousands of jobs, mortgaged our children's futures, bowed to foreign despots, apologized and demeaned America, flaunted the Constitution, nationalized companies, bankrupted the nation, surrounded himself with and promoted known communists to positions of power within the administration, socialized medical care, is working to bring about the North American Union and globalization, mishandled the recent gulf spill, and now is arm twisting Congress to pass Cap & Trade which will be the final straw for our nation.

Behind an increasingly thin façade, Obama has shown himself to be a racist, a politician who would eat his grandmother if it would be in his self interest, a socialist with Marxist leanings, deceitful, a liar, retains strong Muslim leanings, an opportunist, dishonest, and very possibly an illegal alien.

Understand, what Obama has done and is doing is not just being done out of ignorance or naïveté. It is being done deliberately; the goal of which is to destroy the Republic and the free enterprise system, bankrupt the nation, and install a socialist/communist form of dictatorship to which will fundamentally change the nation and enslave our children.

Words that could be used to describe such behavior are: sedition, criminal, espionage or treason. I believe the word that best describes Obama is TRAITOR.* It's been said, we can survive enemies without, but we cannot survive traitors within!

In the past traitors are usually executed, but I would be happy to settle for impeachment.

I don't know if the nation can survive the impact of what Obama and his henchmen have already accomplished, even if he were impeached and removed from office tomorrow. I am absolutely convinced what the result will be if Obama and his administration are allowed to complete his first term in office. Our means of self defense will have been removed, our status reduced to serfdom, with the military and law enforcement dependent upon the Federal or Global government. GAME OVER! America, the nation which has offered so much hope for so many, will never exist again. The world will enter another dark age controlled by despots whatever their position - be it bankers, bureaucrats, Czars or whatever.

In our 250 years of existence we have never been confronted with a situation like this. The question is: what should be done?

We have only 6 protectors of our liberty. They are:

  1. Constitution and Bill of Rights

  2. Speaker's Box

  3. Prayer Box

  4. Voting Box

  5. Jury Box

  6. Cartridge Box

The Constitution is largely ignored by the federal government. Should we continue watching and cheering for our favorite sports team, ignore what's happening and keep our mouths shut? Should we continue voting incumbents back into office? Should we continue to attend and support churches led by wimpy preachers who are afraid to speak out? Should we continue sending our children to public (government) schools that are devastating them academically, spiritually and morally?

The answer depends on you.

*Treason is the violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or state, giving aid to enemies, or levying war against one's state.